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Lifting beams over DRUPS

Lifting beams over DRUPS

Millside have completed numerous industrial pipework and mechanical installation projects throughout the United Kingdom and on a wide range of industries. We can provide budget (capital expenditure) or fixed prices.

With regards to capital expenditure pricing (budget prices) whilst not all projects or capital expenditure applications come to fruition, for those that do we understand the importance of providing an accurate pricing structure. Once a project is underway it's not easy to receive additional funding if the original application has fallen short! We are pleased to visit site prior to submission of prices to ensure we understand your exact requirements and which results in a comprehensive tender submission.


Cooling water pipework

Cooling water pipework 6 prime power generators
As a premier pipework contractor we have completed industrial pipework and mechanical service installations on major sites including the following;
  • CEG (UK) Limited - Reactor gasification plant
  • Sheffield care and social trust (NHS) - Boiler plant replacement
  • Santander plc - Project Fox Data Centre - DRUPS installation
  • HSBC - Northern and Southern Data centres - DRUPS installation
  • Rolls Royce - Furnace mechanical services
  • Commonwealth Games (Phases 1 & 2) - CHP plant
  • Allens Farm, Trumps Farm, Crowmarsh Farm - AD Biogas plants
  • TATA Steels - VAR furnace mechanical services
  • Barclays plc - Prime power installation
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